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 Some of our clients
Headquarters, Factory

ADD: Baijiexi,Taiping,Dali,Nanhai,
Foshan City,Guangdong Province,P.R.China
TEL: +86-757-85526711
FAX: +86-757-85569851

LINKMAN: Jonny Guo
POSITION: General manager,Technique Department
Email: net@puhui.com
QQ: 50155590(Note that please show me your esteemed company's
full name,your name before adding me as your good friends.
e.g.Jin.Yu Motorcycle Accessories.Li Wei,or else,you may be refused.
FETION: 443101314
CHARGE: The only one official quoter(Except China) to the global clients.
Any other quotation is considered to be offered by the agency
which is higher than official quotation.In charge of
the Technology Information Construction,Image Design,
Arranging for the exhibition,Overseas Marketing and so on.