About us

FOSHAN NANHAI PUHUI MOTORCYCLE PARTS CO., LTD. was founded in April 1988, which is one of the largest manufacturers of motorcycle parts in China. The annual throughput of motorcycle chain cover in Puhui has exceeded 3,000,000 sets;and GUANGNING PUHUI INDUSTRY CO., LTD.. They touch the fields of chain case, Handlebar, Head Lamp Support Side Rails, set square's design, exploitation, manufacture, service and electroplating.


The factory in Foshan covers more than ten thousand square meters in area, and over twenty thousand square meters in Guangning District. We own three hundred employees and eight key deparements: Design Section: to study and design new products; Steel Rolling Workshop: to produce raw and processed materials called cold rolled steel plate, which is used in making chain cover; Chain Cover Workshop: in charge of the act or process of chain case's molding; Coating Workshop: with responsibility for making dope for enamel painting and electroplating workshop; Enamel Painting Section: to pre-process, enamel paint and pack the finished products; Electroplating Workshop: to pre-process, electroplate the finished products; Sales Section: in charge of products' distribution.


We have our own manufacturing facility and industry chain from product study to its design, and to make cold rolled steel plate, impact briquetting, pre-processing, coating, enamel paint, electroplate, and including packing, distribution and so on...


We possess patented technologies which are awarded by Intellectual Property Office(Practicable new-style patented technology: Motorcycle Chain Cover Automatic Rolling Edge-trimming Machine No:ZL98247780.5), (Practicable new-style patented technology: Motorcycle Chain Cover Automatic Lock Forming Machine Organization, No:ZL98247779.1). Among internal motorcycle parts marketing, these two technologies are far keeping ahead.


In addition, Puhui owns three infrequent techniques which are more competitive in comparison with other enterprises. These techniques help Puhui improve the quality of the products, control the cost of production, shorten the providing period, so that we can meet the requirements of all clients and offer them potent promises:

We own domestic one-up generative technique for cold rolled steel plate;

We own two pieces of automation electrostatic enamel paint product line up to national standard which are handled by German technique;

We own domestic advanced electroplating.


All the time, Puhui insists on the quality principle: "To win relying on high quality, to satisfy each client continuously". We make every effort to enhance managerial level, and now we've obtained ISO9001:2000 which is authenticated by International Quality Management System Certification.


Puhui is always dedicating to increasing the high-quality application of motorcycle parts in the global market. Besides, we own much lower cost, so Puhui is more likely to build up the new quality and price standard in this industry.


Puhui owns more than 300 clients. Being the sole complete set manufacturer of so many motorcycle generative corporations, our products also become a great many import and export companies' main products and are promoted to all over the world, mainly including Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and so on. All the products manufactured in Puhui completely please foreign clients' various aspects. Consequently, all of this expedite Puhui step in entering the international marketing.

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